Would You Do This For Fun On A Rainy Day? 6 Reasons to Come to the Farmers Market

Way (way way) back when, I took an aptitude or interest in high school to see what I might want to study in college. Don’t ask me how meteorologist came up in the top 5. That was quite a shocker for both me and my parents. Don’t worry: I chose something else. Really, I wanted very much to be a circus clown so I just got a B.S. in English then went about becoming a clown. I’m glad I┬ádid that, because I hate to be wrong and meteorologists seem to be wrong a lot.

The day was bright and beautiful when we left home to go to the market. We had expected full sun and temperatures in the mid 90’s, so we made sure to have our tent along to provide us a little shade. All of a sudden the clouds rolled in and the skies opened up. Here’s our view from under out tent:

Rainy Days Still Good For Shopping
Rainy Days Still Good For Shopping

What makes this kind of day good for shopping at the farmers market? There are a couple of things:

  1. Fewer people shopping means no long lines to wait for balloons.
  2. No long lines waiting for us means we can take the time to add little embellishments we might not ordinarily add, we can spend more time interacting with you and your child, we can all feel a little less stressed.
  3. Fewer people shopping also means shorter lines and better selection at the produce vendors. Usually if you’re late, things are a little picked over.
  4. People shopping with young kids often have trouble getting to the market early because they have to get the kids up, get them some breakfast, or deal with cranky little people all morning. Rainy days are great! Go ahead, take your time. Dress appropriately for the weather and make an outing of it.
  5. There are more puddles for the kids to jump in. After all, what’s the fun of being a kid if you don’t get to jump in a puddle now and then?
  6. Unless dangerous lightening is in the forecast, we’ll be there. Wed love to see you there too!

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  1. FRAN and JOHN LOVAAS says

    Managing a large farmers market, like the Reston Farmers Market, is a great deal of fun. As Market Managers we especially look forward to the days when Marsha and TJ Gallagher come and perform their amazing balloon art.
    Usually they do their special creations for children in the market, but not always. When they are in the act of creating everyone in sight of them stops and watches them make the flower, rabbit, fruit, dinosaur… or whatever their imaginations bring forth. They are remarkable performers as well as first-class artists
    Scores of market shoppers stop and applaud when TJ or Marsha, with a grand flourish, presents a finished creation to a delighted child. And, the line at their table grows….
    We greatly appreciate all the appearances we can squeeze out of their busy schedules for our market. We know we can rely on them to arrive on time and perform to the delight of market shoppers until the closing bell. On days when they are not with us, we are frequently asked where they are, why aren’t they performing on that day, and when will they be back?!
    We have a variety of musicians and other performers (e.g., a fencing demonstrator) who come to the Market, but none are as popular as the wonderful “balloon people”!

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