What Comes Before Summer Fun?

Let us bring the fun!

What comes before summer fun with parties and family reunions?

I remember my mom and her friends talking about spring cleaning. Since we kept the house closed up all winter  it was stale, dusty, and just begging to be freshened up. As the weather warmed up Mom would wash bedding, and check to see if we needed to replace any of it. One day we’d clean the refrigerator. She did the inside and I did the outside. Of course we’d dust and then clean the floors. Before we were done we’d even wash the walls. No matter how much I whined and complained I couldn’t get out of doing my part.

A lot has changed since then. Cleaning is necessary, but around here we also do spring planning for summer fun. We’re gearing up for a busy season, have a lot of dates already on our calendar, and are double checking our inventory to see what balloons we need to order as the busy season gets going.

Young child adores balloon animals
What Kind of Crazy Bird Is This?

What about you? Are you in charge of planning the summer fun for a family reunion, party, or some kind of event? Did you know that now is actually the time to schedule your summer and fall events. Once farmers markets, end of school and graduation parties, June weddings, family reunions, company picnics are in full swing it’s harder for us to save space for you. To be sure you can get the services you want, it’s time to make your reservations. Don’t wait too long. Make your arrangements now and crossed that chore off your To Do list. 

TJ Inflates a Balloon the Old Way

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