What About The Weather? What If It Rains?

Weather: rain, snow, lightening, and on. No matter how carefully you plan your party there are some things you just can’t control. Mother Nature is a big one. Last weekend both Marsha and TJ were scheduled to serve at separate outdoor events. Months of planning had gone into the birthday party Marsha was going to. Rain was not in the plan.

We didn’t have just a light sprinkle. We had rain pouring down so hard that even the ducks had umbrellas! Ok, I may be exaggerating a little. The house was small, the guest list was big, and there was nowhere else to go. When you schedule an outdoor party it’s good to keep in mind that many entertainers are booked on a rain or shine basis and if you cancel the service you most likely forfeit any deposit or reservation fee you have paid. Plan ahead for this.

In the case of the recent party the family was able to cover the deck with tarps, add lights to the underside of the deck and hang more tarps to prevent the rain from coming in. There wasn’t much room but we all managed to find a way to work together and make the party a success. We were lucky. If the balloons had been wet they would have been too slippery to tie and twist. There was no lightening, so no danger of electrocution for hosts or guests. Other times you may not be so lucky.

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