Thanksgiving & Gratitude

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving. We’re grateful for all of you who have supported us over the years. To our farmers market friends, customers, market masters we wish you a blessed day of peace and gratitude. We hope you enjoy some good food, too.

I’d never thought about it until just now, but in the many years I’ve been creating balloon animals and fun I’ve never been asked to perform on Thanksgiving. I’ve always been blessed to spend the day with my family except for one year when I was a circus clown. That was back in the 70s and we were on the road with Circus Vargas, which was a really big deal at that time. My husband was traveling with me, living in my 9 1/2 foot slide-in camper on the back of my F250 pickup truck. We drove our rig, including a 10′ Wells Cargo trailer that belonged to the circus, into a campground with electric and water hookups so we could have “a real Thanksgiving.” That meant we could use campground bathrooms and showers, have lights at night, and not spend the day in a shopping mall parking lot as we usually did.

We didn’t have an oven and I was (am) a vegetarian, so we only needed a little poultry. That year the Thanksgiving bird was a rock cornish game hen cooked in a toaster oven. I don’t ┬áremember the rest of the feast. All I remember was that we were grateful for the day off, for the camper and the campground, for each other and our health. Today I’m grateful for many of those same things, and also grateful to live in a house that stays in one place instead of on the back of a pickup truck.

Peace, love, and Thanksgiving to all of you.

With Deepest Gratitude
With Deepest Gratitude

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