None are as popular as ‘the balloon people!’

“Sometimes managing a large farmers market, like the Reston Farmers Market, is a great deal of fun. I especially look forward to the days when Marsha and TJ Gallagher come and perform their amazing balloon art.

Usually, they do their special creations for children, but not always. When they are creating everyone in sight stops and watches them in the act of making a dinosaur, rabbit, giant flower or whatever they have imagined. They are remarkably skilled performers as well as first-class artists. Scores of market shoppers stop and applaud when TJ or Marsha, with a grand flourish, hands a finished product to a customer’s delighted child. And, the line for their work grows.

As the market manager, I greatly appreciate all the appearances we can squeeze out of their busy schedules for the market. I can rely on them to arrive on time and perform to the delight of customers until the closing bell. Between their appearances, which they schedule well in advance, I am frequently asked why they are not performing on a given day and when will they be back! We have a variety of musicians and other performers who come to the market, but none are as popular as ‘the balloon people!’”