What Comes Before Summer Fun?

What comes before summer fun with parties and family reunions? I remember my mom and her friends talking about spring cleaning. Since we kept the house closed up all winter  it was stale, dusty, and just begging to be freshened up. As the weather warmed up Mom would wash bedding, and check to see if we needed to replace any of it. One day we'd clean the refrigerator. … [Read more...] about What Comes Before Summer Fun?

Balloons For Your Birthday Party: 3 Things to Know

What about balloons for your birthday party? When parents of young children see us working the first thing that comes to mind is birthday parties. Let's face it: balloons add a lot to festive occasions, and kids love colorful balloon treats. Have you taken the time to think about the best way to maximize the fun? No? We have, so keep reading for some answers. Are … [Read more...] about Balloons For Your Birthday Party: 3 Things to Know

It’s A Wonderful Life (Not The Movie)

We've arrived! It's the last month of 2016, a year that has been difficult for many people both at home and abroad. Now I'm not one of those people who believes that changing the date, whether month or year, really makes a difference in how life will be. I'm more of a "make the best of it" kind of person. Today I'm thinking about how to make the best of Air O' Dynamic Art in … [Read more...] about It’s A Wonderful Life (Not The Movie)

Rhino Alert!

Watch out, Richmond, VA! Our rhino crew will be busy at work in the Regency Square Mall to bring you the biggest balloon rhino you've ever seen. Come by and see it being built, take some pictures, and show your friends. We'll be the most "POP"ular thing there. Here's a sneak peek (BTW, our actual rhino will not be all these crazy colors): … [Read more...] about Rhino Alert!

The Balloon Rhino Project

Are we crazy? You might think so! Since I (Marsha) heard about The Balloon Rhino Project and have always been an animal lover, I decided I needed a team to help me with this global fundraiser for rhino preservation. Do I want to build just a little rhino? Of course not! If something's worth doing, do it right. Right? That's when the idea of making a life size black rhino took … [Read more...] about The Balloon Rhino Project