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Rhino Alert!

Watch out, Richmond, VA! Our rhino crew will be busy at work in the Regency Square Mall to bring you the biggest balloon rhino you've ever seen. Come by and see it being built, take some pictures, and show your friends. We'll be the most "POP"ular thing there. Here's a sneak peek (BTW, our actual rhino will not be all these crazy colors): … [Read more...] about Rhino Alert!

The Balloon Rhino Project

Are we crazy? You might think so! Since I (Marsha) heard about The Balloon Rhino Project and have always been an animal lover, I decided I needed a team to help me with this global fundraiser for rhino preservation. Do I want to build just a little rhino? Of course not! If something's worth doing, do it right. Right? That's when the idea of making a life size black rhino took … [Read more...] about The Balloon Rhino Project

Tee Off for George Mason University

Universities and schools often need financial help so that they can serve our communities. This morning I had the privilege to be a small part of a golf tournament to raise funds for George Mason University (GMU) thanks to the generosity of Sandy Spring Bank. The bank is strongly involved in local community relations and commissioned me to make 2 golfers for the event. TJ and I … [Read more...] about Tee Off for George Mason University

Balloon Manor 2014: The Very Tall Tale of Jack & His Beanstalk

People often ask us, "What's the biggest thing you can make?" Truthfully, it depends on your budget and how much time is allotted. Bigger isn't always better, but if it's what's most important to you, we can do it. Check out this 5 story tall Jack & the Beanstalk we built with airigami.com and 100 balloon artists from around the world. http://youtu.be/bdMNTQCpqNs When … [Read more...] about Balloon Manor 2014: The Very Tall Tale of Jack & His Beanstalk

Compost Balloons?!

TJ and I grew up with Depression Era parents. We both learned to "reduce, reuse, recycle" before that was a popular phrase. I still have beautiful quilts that my grandmothers made from the better parts of their worn out clothes, and we jokingly refer to our decorating style as Early Dead Relative. TJ spent the past 2 days shredding our leaves so we can compost them or use them … [Read more...] about Compost Balloons?!