Remember Your Mean Mother?

Today we’re bombarded with way too much information, but sometimes we find things that strike a chord with us. This morning one of my friends posted a description of mean mothers. Trust me, in my line of work making balloon animals and providing decor at numerous events, I meet every kind of mother. I wish more of them were mean like this:

Your Kids Will Thank You Later
Your Kids Will Thank You Later

Most of the parents I meet are delightful and are working very hard to raise their children well. Others are doing the best they can to raise their kids well but most likely don’t see how they’re encouraging whining, tantrums, and other less desirable behaviors. For example, how do you like it when your child dawdles, keeps getting out of bed after bedtime, begs for just one more story, whines, wheedles, cajoles you? How about if your child has a tantrum, stamps those little feet, “I’ll hold my breath forever, ” and so on? You love it, right?

Let me ask you something. Are you the parent that asks the balloon artist or face painter, “Can’t you do just one more?” How about, “Are you going to make this little child cry?” You get the idea. Why, one time an off duty sheriff flashed his badge and threatened to arrest me because I closed my line 30 minutes before I was due to leave. My intent was to let people know that they would not be served later than my contracted ending time. I had so many┬ápeople in line that I knew that I wouldn’t be able to serve the others, not to quit early.

Kids absorb more than we might think simply by watching their parents. Do you want to teach them to beg you for just one more cookie, story, or whatever? Do you want to encourage those foot stomping tantrums? They learn that when you argue with me at the end of an event, or bring back the pieces of broken balloon and insist on another one. You get the idea. Do us a favor. Do yourself a favor. Do your kids a favor. Be a Mean Mother or Father. Show your kids how to grow up resilient and become capable adults.

Here I am with my Mean Mother & with hers.

Mom Had to Be Mean to Keep her Sanity with Us
Mom Had to Be Mean to Keep her Sanity with Us

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