Preschool Events

Under The Sea

Our preschool balloon twisting event, Under the Sea, is a 45-minute show about sea creatures and mythical beings, like mermaids. Willing audience members wear balloon costumes and help tell the story through action and sounds. The rest of the group cheers and helps the child on stage by making fish noises, bubble sounds, and magic words. At the end of the show, we leave the costumes with the teachers so they can use them for lessons or play for the rest of the day and can give more kids the opportunity to try them on.

Coming Soon – A new show based on The 3 Little Pigs and Other Favorite Stories!

Why Incorporate Balloon Art Into A Preschool Event?

Kids love to learn and they love to laugh. When you have a balloon show, they do both. Our balloon performances utilize visual, auditory, and kinesthetic approaches that enhance the overall learning experience. The show specifically uses color, balloon animals, storytelling, comedy, and a lot of audience participation to help reinforce concepts like colors, animal names and noises, and numbers.

A live show helps them live in the moment, know how to be an audience, and remember good manners, like when they applaud themselves or their friends on stage. All of this happens while the kids think they’re just having fun.

Young child adores balloon animals

Preschool Events We Are Available For?

  • Picnics
  • Educational programs
  • Afterschool care
  • Fall/spring festivals & more

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