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Girls dressed in princess costumes stand under multicolored balloon limbo stick.
Let’s Limbo!

Celebrate With A Birthday Party Experience 

Birthday party experiences are packed with fun and planned to minimize stress for you. We entertain the kids so you can take care of the other million things a host has to do. Dramatically increase the fun with one of these event packages. They all breathe life into your event with tons of audience participation.




Northern Virginia Balloon Artist Marsha G puts finishing touches on a balloon monkey.
Monkeying Around

Balloon Twisting Mania – Hands-On Fun With Balloons

Always popular, this is a Balloon Twisting Workshop where all the kids learn how to make 3 simple balloon shapes. After a game or two we explain what we’re all going to do together. We bring in an incredible amount of balloons already blown up. Next we start teach the kids how to make 3 simple shapes. After that we put on some music and let the kids’ imaginations take over. They can twist whatever they want and of course we’ll be there to help them. Your room will be full of color and excitement. The kids busily twist away and feel proud that they made something themselves. At the end of the balloon workshop, everyone gathers for a group photo. Your event goes down in history as one of the best they ever went to. The workshop is great ages 6 and above. It’s even good for teens!  
Green and yellow spider balloon hat adds to the fun at a birthday party
I’m not afraid of spiders!

Just Balloons – What More Can We Say?

Once we arrive at your event, we set up on one place and make balloons as the kids come over and request them. We do our best to make whatever they request so they’ll remember the fun they had. Ages 3 and up will enjoy this package. How much fun could a kid have with balloons? Lots!


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Young adults wearing colorful balloon hats crowd a dance floor with flowers, imaginary creatures of all kinds.
Fun Party Crowd

Dance Floor Experience

If you want your event to be exciting, colorful, and memorable, we can help. Let’s get right to the fun! Most people would rather dance or visit with their friends than stand around waiting for something. Maybe they’d rather enjoy the festivities by eating great food than wondering if the wait for one of our awesome balloon creations is worth it. How can you spend your time doing the things you’d like to do instead of just wishing you were doing them? Use our Dance Floor Experience package. Check out just a few of the fabulous things we can make. From big bobbly hats to crazy bouncy tails, there’s something to satisfy every taste. We already make a ton of things, and in our spare time we come up with more. If there’s dancing, try our balloon limbo stick. If you thought it was fun before, just wait until you try it while wearing one of our crazy balloon hats! Sometimes you just need an ice-breaker and our balloons will do the trick. Seriously, how can you help but smile and relax when everybody is wearing a balloon. Finally, when you’re limited on space or just want a little touch of color, we can keep the balloons smaller and make bracelets. Seeing people like you have a really great time is what we live for. Consequences of your guests really enjoying your party: they think what a great host you are and look forward to the next time they get an invitation from you. We make it easy for everybody to remember the fun. When they take photos of themselves and their friends, they’ll have a permanent reminder of how much fun they had. Finally, your Dance Floor Experience comes with a balloon photo frame. Pass it around for everyone to take perfect selfies. Don’t worry. If you have a wedding reception, we don’t expect you to do it every year! Get Moving! Call or email us today.  

Caucasian Woman holds microphone while standing between dark background and orange and yellow balloon lever.School Assembly Experience: How to Catch a Mouse

Air O’Dynamic Art Presents “How To Catch A Mouse”
Whether you need an assembly program that’s both fun and educational, or a fundraiser the students and their families will enjoy, “How to Catch a Mouse” will tickle their funny bones while sneaking in some science. They might even want to learn more!
Woman raises her hands in triumph as she and elementary school children use a mousetrap made of balloons to catch a student mouse. We’ve caught the mouse.What’s So Amazing About This Show? Marsha takes common whimsical balloons and combines them in imaginative ways to demonstrate both simple and complex machines. She gets the kids involved and channels their energy by having them help demonstrate the different machines. You might be wondering why this is the show for your school. You want your event to be a success, and you get the most when you hire the right performer. We’re so sure you’ll like this show that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee!     About The Show: How To Catch A Mouse is a squeaky clean educational show that addresses science standards of learning. Marsha and members of the audience use simple machines such as levers, wheels, fulcrums, and pulleys to design a complex machine to catch a mouse. Once the machine is constructed Marsha and the students activate it to catch a mouse. Marsha encourages students to observe machines they see in daily life and to notice what problems they are designed to solve. How To Schedule A Performance: Schools and libraries in Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland can enjoy and learn from How To Catch A Mouse. To be sure you get the date you want, call now 703-323-7399 or email Marsha at How Can Our School Afford Your Program In Today’s Tight Economy? If you value your children’s education, how can you afford not to? The show uses visual, auditory, and kinesthetic approaches to learning so more of your students get something out of it. Their excitement about the unusual medium of balloons to teach a lesson helps them remember what they learned. Also Available for: Schools: Open House, Carnival, Fundraiser, PTA/PTO Events, Fall and Spring Festivals Preschool: Picnic, Educational Program, After Care, Fall and Spring Festivals Places of Worship Senior Living Residences Company Parties and Picnics Private Events for Kids and Families Seasonal Parties