Little Kids & Big Balloons: Put Them Together & What Do You Get?

Balloons are supposed to be fun. Plain and simple, that’s it. That’s how I value them, anyway. What do balloons mean to you? And what gives them value to you?

We love to make the big creations. That’s why we’ve participated in events like Balloon Manor 2007, Balloon Manor 2008,¬†Balloon Manor 2014, and the creation of a huge acrocanthosaurus at the Virginia Museum of Natural History. There’s something amazing about being with like-minded artists who probably dream in vivid latex. It’s amazing to work a whole day with up to 100 other artists and know you have a couple more days to go before you finish a project. I learned something important when I was on the crew for Balloon Manor 2007 I learned that I like the one on one interaction of creating smaller sculptures by request.

When I say smaller sculptures, I don’t mean tiny. The rocket pictured below is typical of what we normally make. It seems like parents (the people with the money) are more willing to pay for balloons that are sometimes bigger than the child requesting them. Sometimes the child asks for something smaller and the parent insists on the larger sculpture. I ask you: is that really the best?

What happens when a little person can’t keep his big balloon up off the ground? Yes, it pops. If no one is waiting, we can fix it. If others are in line they have priority, and sometimes there’s a no repairs and only one balloon per child policy because the crowd is so large.

Be reasonable. Have a plan for how to protect the balloon once it passes from our hands to yours. After all, once it leaves our hands it’s no longer our responsibility. Our guarantee is that all balloons will pop if not properly cared for. Are you prepared to help carry it? Do you have a safe place to put it? By the way, a hot car doesn’t qualify as a safe place. Perhaps you’d like to consider a smaller, more manageable balloon for your young child. He or she can see the whole balloon, can carry it without trouble, perhaps can even wear it on a hairband or a wristband. Yes, we make hairbands for boys, too. They go more for things like an arrow through the head or an adolescent fighting turtle than for flowers and tiaras, and we can accommodate that.

We like to provide you good value for your hard earned money. When we make suggestions, it’s with value for you in mind. Remember, Marsha has been twisting balloons since 1976 and she taught TJ. She knows a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. So that you can get the most from our services, please listen to our suggestions just as carefully as we consider yours. Let’s make it a win-win, ok?

Blast Off!
Blast Off!

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