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Marsha & TJ flew right into the Polar Vortex (-19F and windy) over Chicago to sharpen their skills. This is how we continue to bring you quality balloon entertainment and designs. People often seem surprised when we tell them we go to a balloon convention. What do we do there? This year a challenge was issued to the group: see if we could break the world record for number of balloon artists each inside their own 6′ round balloon all in one place. Call me crazy, but I decided to join in. Who wouldn’t want to be in their own bubble gum pink balloon?

Quality balloon entertainment? We and other balloon artists take our art seriously. Not only do we do our best to bring you interesting and attractive designs, but we do our best to present the art in an interesting and entertaining way. Ideally crowd size is small enough for us to do some funny balloon bits, interact with the crowd, and help everyone have a good time. Kids still laugh when a balloon flies around the room because the know wasn’t secure and the air rushes out, or when the balloon artist gets her finger caught in the knot and is stuck to the balloon. We go to classes with tips and tricks about how to engage the kids. I usually find that these are techniques I used regularly when balloons were simpler and were just props in a comedy kid show.

Don’t just believe my words. Look at the photo proof that we work hard to keep learning by studying with the best artists in the world and accepting crazy challenges like climbing inside huge balloons. Check out the Chicago news:

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