How Far In Advance?

The other day I received an email from someone who had seen me at one of the farmers markets. I’m complimented that this gentleman took the time to contact me, that he had given some thought about how he supposed I should be paid, and that he wanted me to come to his block party. He even had already sent out a flyer saying I’d be there. The problem is he didn’t check with me first and I was already booked for someone else’s event.

Fall is a busy time for us. For months we’ve had bookings on our calendar for every weekend in September and October. Sometimes we can fit in an extra party here or there, sometimes we can’t. Here’s why. Some seasons are simply busier than others. Spring, summer, and fall are times when people are having holiday celebrations, picnics, family reunions, and outdoor family events like the farmers markets. During the slower months we go to educational seminars. That’s one of the ways we keep current with what’s going on in the balloon world. It’s where we get our inspiration, where we get to relax and work hard at the same time, and to be with people who are just as balloon crazed as we are. I already have time set aside in January and February for this.

So how far ahead should you check with us if you want us for a party? As soon as you’ve made your decision about dates. Make sure your space is available and make sure your entertainment is available. That’s easier than sending out your invitations and then finding out you have to change plans. To be sure you have our time reserve, have us email you a contract and pay a reservation fee (usually 50%) so we’re all on the same page.

We want to make it easy for you. Let’s have some fun!

TJ & Marsha Balloon Fun Specialists
TJ & Marsha
Balloon Fun Specialists

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