Marsha G
Marsha learned to make balloon animals in a class “way back when….” One balloon per creation. Twist, twist, twist and voila! It’s a dog. Since then things have changed. She has worked with teams that built huge creations using thousands of balloons. As a result, she can now design and create life-size animals.




After 30 years of watching Marsha, TJ Michael finally decided to join the party. TJ learned the basics from Marsha, then went to the Twist & Shout Balloon Convention where he learned from some of the best twisters the world has to offer. Marsha and TJ have worked together for 10 years to bring you the best in balloon art.



Why Choose Us

Award-Winning Balloon Artists

For over 30 years, Air O’Dynamic Art has created extravagant balloon designs that influence laughter, learning, and fun at a variety of events. Whether it’s for balloon costumes, a comedy skit, a 10,000 sq ft haunted house or magic routine, we proudly serve all types of parties and shows throughout Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland.

Professional Experience

We specialize in balloon art events such as birthday parties, holiday gatherings, library events, preschool events, and much more. Whether you need a life-size dinosaur, rhinoceros, or seascape, we always show up at your doorstep in a timely manner and breathe life into your party – small or large – with riveting balloon art fun.


We are open to your ideas and will work together with you to help determine which services align to your needs most. Our professional balloon twisting services have the flexibility to stick to your budget and will ensure you look your best. We also believe balloon art is for everyone and will serve guests of all ages.

Looking for talent, experience, creativity, and a sense of fun? We’re the team for you

What Our Clients Say

None are as popular as ‘the balloon people!’

“Sometimes managing a large farmers market, like the Reston Farmers Market, is a great deal of fun. I especially look forward to the days when Marsha and TJ Gallagher come and perform their amazing balloon art.

Usually, they do their special creations for children, but not always. When they are creating everyone in sight stops and watches them in the act of making a dinosaur, rabbit, giant flower or whatever they have imagined. They are remarkably skilled performers as well as first-class artists. Scores of market shoppers stop and applaud when TJ or Marsha, with a grand flourish, hands a finished product to a customer’s delighted child. And, the line for their work grows.

As the market manager, I greatly appreciate all the appearances we can squeeze out of their busy schedules for the market. I can rely on them to arrive on time and perform to the delight of customers until the closing bell. Between their appearances, which they schedule well in advance, I am frequently asked why they are not performing on a given day and when will they be back! We have a variety of musicians and other performers who come to the market, but none are as popular as ‘the balloon people!’”

John Lovaas
Manager of Reston Farm Market

I’ve never seen balloons like this before.

We hear this often because we keep up with current trends in balloons. Every year we meet with top balloon artists in the world and share the latest in balloon designs, then we bring them to you.

You’re not even looking at what you’re doing. How can you do that?

We’ve twisted enough balloons that unless you’ve asked for something we don’t normally make or it seems rather difficult, we can give our full attention to you.

How long have you been doing this?

Marsha started twisting balloons in 1976. TJ joined her in 2009. That’s a total of 53 years of experience between the two of us!

It was amazing to see children come out of their shell…

Thank you so much! The children were all engaged in your performance of “Three Little Pigs” and “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” You were wonderful in allowing the children to speak the parts where they knew them while filling in to help out where needed. It was amazing to see children come out of their shell when they put on a “balloon costume” and take on the role of a story character. The whole group participation was key! And the children are enjoying using the “balloon costumes” you left to reenact the story.  

We are very grateful for your gift to Lord of Life Preschool and would love to have you back in the future!


Their balloon creations were incredible

We loved TJ and Tracy! Their balloon creations were incredible and their attention toward the kids was genuine and they were adored!

Thank you so much!


It couldn’t have been more perfect

As part of the Fall Festival at Leesburg, the kids took part in a scavenger hunt. One child was asking me for a hint as to where the spider, on the list, was hidden. At that very moment, someone came walking out of the market with this giant balloon spider. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Don Owens
Outreach Coordinator | Loudoun Farmers Markets

More Popular than Santa

I think you might have been more popular than Santa.

Anonymous Dad
Breakfast with Santa - Mt. Vernon Country Club