Holiday Parties

Bring the holidays to life with a balloon show. We create balloon costumes and props and invite audience members to become special characters on stage. The show is a great way to involve all the kids at once so they experience the fun of seeing balloons yet still have time to do other things. Is Santa, the Easter Bunny, or another special character visiting you? Let us know ahead of time and we can wrap up the show with a big welcome for the special holiday guest.

Caucasian woman in red shirt, black pants and vest uses red and white balloon candy cane to snag Caucasian man wearing white shirt, red vest, black slacks.
Always Up To Mischief
There’s No Escaping A Good Time!

Make Your Own Balloon Animal Workshop

For this particular workshop, we bring balloons already inflated and teach your group how to make simple holiday items. Candy canes are always popular at Christmas, and crazy hats are great for the 4th of July. No matter what you balloon animal you wish to see, we take the time to listen to you and create it easily.

Custom Balloon Animals Are Always A Hit!

From the simple, fast swords and dogs, to the more complicated dinosaurs and unicorns, we can do it. For large groups that wish to have as many balloons as possible, we create balloon doggies and many other quick designs. If your group is small or you simply want fancier balloon art, we upscale those puppies and make critters out of multiple balloons that even the adults like.

Why Holiday Party Balloon Art?

During each holiday, there’s always excitement in the air. Air O’Dynamic Art will amplify that excitement when we put the air into our balloon creations. With a variety of balloon animals and characters available, like an elf for Christmas, we ensure that our designs will complete your holiday festivities.

Make your holiday party pop with fabulous balloon art! Contact us at (703) 323-7399 to discuss your holiday party with us today.