Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Did You Know Balloons Aren’t Just For Kids?

How Many Balloons Can You Make?


Do you do adult parties?

Do you think balloons are just for kids? Of course we do adult parties. Let’ see…there was the lady who celebrated her 100th birthday at the motorcycle club. Now that was a party! Or the very ill man whose family was celebrating what was to be his last birthday at the hospice inpatient center, a bittersweet celebration at best but one I was honored to be part of. How about those office meetings where you just need an icebreaker to get people interacting or to stimulate creative problem solving? You can’t help but loosen up when you’re surrounded by people wearing crazy balloon hats.
Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter. We don’t do that kind of adult events. Only good clean fun.

What areas do you serve?

We’re located in Northern Virginia and serve the metro DC area including parts of MD. If you’re having a big event like a multi-day grand opening or festival a little farther out, give us a call and we’ll decide together whether having us entertain at your event would be a good fit for both of us. For smaller events like birthday parties you likely would do better to find someone in your area. Of course if you have money to burn and just like us really well…
If you’d like to know more just give us a call or email us.

What is the best age?

One of the questions that I’m frequently asked is, “What is the best age for you┬áto entertain? At what age can the kids most enjoy the balloons and your services,” and I would have to say that we find that age three through about nine are our best audience. It’s more fun for the kids if they have a group that’s similar in age because sometimes what the little ones find just hilariously funny is kind of silly and┬áboring to those eight and nine year olds but what the eight and nine year olds find awesomely amazing just kind of goes right over the heads of the really little ones. Of course if it’s your tradition to have a big party with people of all ages present we will do our absolute best to entertain all of the kids, and of course to entertain you, too. We’ve done high school After Prom parties, wedding receptions, corporate parties for adults. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss your party. Bye now.

If we’re running late can you start late?

The time you requested is reserved especially for you. We respect your time and make every effort to help you have a successful party. We extend this respect to all of our clients, and since we often are scheduled for back to back events we cannot stay late. It is always our intent to start on time and to end on time.

How much does it cost?

Before we can give you a quote we need to know a little about your event and what you have budgeted. When we know what you’re planning and hoping for, and approximately what you’re hoping to spend, then we’ll be able to recommend a plan that meets yur needs and is within your financial reach. Please fill out the form or give us a call so we can work together to determine what’s best for you.

What do I get?

We work with you to select activities that promise to make your party a huge success. We create premium balloon animals. We can meet and greet your guests, create wearable balloon art, perform some comedy and a little magic. Marsha has been entertaining both children and adults since 1976 and TJ joined her in twisted balloon craziness in 2008 so you get a seasoned performer.

Why should I use Air O’ Dynamic Art?

You want the very best. You want the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will get a balloon entertainer with a professional attitude. We show up on time. We make great balloons. We not only want to make ourselves look good to you and your guests but, most important, we want to make YOU look good too. Why wouldn’t you call Air O’ Dynamic Art now?