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Bring on the Good Cheer!
Bring on the Good Cheer!

Remember how much you looked forward to the holidays when you were a child? I know we don’t all celebrate the same holidays, but surely you celebrate something. My dad was an officer in the United States Air Force so we kids were very much aware of patriotic holidays like July 4th, Veterans Day, & Memorial Day. I still remember roasting hot dogs & toasting marshmallows, eating delicious watermelon & seeing who could spit the seeds the farthest. That’s not very hygienic, I know, but it sure was fun. Those weren’t the best, though.

I seemed to get all my childhood illnesses like chicken pox, mumps, & so forth for Halloween so costumes were of no use to me. I had to stay home & rely on the generosity of my brothers & sister to get my candy. If I wasn’t too sick my mom would let me open the door & give out the candy, or at least see what little goblins or ghouls were coming around. When I was a bit older I went off & became a circus clown, wearing a costume every day. Just for the record, I didn’t run away. My mother dropped me off! Sometimes I still clown (yes, since 1976) but more often I make balloons as just my authentic self. Costumes? They’re not so much my thing unless I’m working.

Ah, but Thanksgiving! Food, glorious food. I loved to tear up the bread for the stuffing, to make the lefse. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, think tortilla but potato based & Norwegian. I even became the family’s Chief Lefse Maker. Remember the pies? My daughter Tracy Michael has surpassed me as Pie Maker in Chief & makes a mean pumpkin pie. Her pecan pie is amazing too. Having become a vegetarian in 1973 I don’t think I’ve ever cooked a turkey.

Don’t forget Christmas. For us kids it was great fun to choose a tree, decorate it, bake cookies & cinnamon rolls, help Mom make popcorn balls. There was shopping to do, wrapping of gifts, seeing Santa, & waiting waiting waiting for that magical moment when we got to see what was in all those tantalizing packages.

Life is different now. I have grown kids of my own. Since there aren’t any grandkids, we love to entertain your kids. Having inherited a houseful of stuff when my parents died a few years back, I’m still trying to get rid of things & clear the clutter. My kids live in small apartments in NY so there’s not so much shopping done. We’d rather get together & go out to see a show. We still love a good party, though! In fact, I’d love to get your invitation now. I’ve been making balloon animals for so long now I’ve forgotten how to be a guest, but I know how to make your guests remember what a great time they had because YOU throw a fabulous party.

Go ahead. Email or call today. Tell me about your holiday plans and traditions & we’ll see just how well I fit in. I won’t bring the food, but I’ll bring the balloons.

Reindeer Games, Anyone?
Reindeer Games, Anyone?

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