Birthday Parties

Balloons instantly add color and motion to your party. Your room will be full of color and excitement. The consequences of your guests really enjoying your party? They think what a great host you are and look forward to the next time they get an invitation from you. We make it easy for everybody to remember the fun. When they take photos of themselves and their friends, they’ll have a permanent reminder of how much fun they had.


Balloon Twisting Workshop

In this popular Balloon Twisting Workshop, all the kids learn how to make three simple balloon shapes. We warm up with a game or two, then explain what we’re all going to do together. We bring in an incredible amount of balloons already blown up and teach the kids how to make different shapes. Then, we put on some music and let the kids’ imaginations take over. They can twist whatever they want, and of course, we’ll be there to help them. When they’re done, they feel proud that they created something themselves. At the end, everyone gathers for a group photo, and your party goes down in history as one of the best ever. The workshop is great for all ages, even teens!

Just Balloons

We set up and make balloons as the kids come over and request them. We do our best to make whatever they request so they’ll remember the fun they had at your birthday celebration. Children ages 3 and up will enjoy this package. How much fun could a kid have with balloons? Lots!

Balloon Games

Kids are kids. Sometimes they have so much energy they just can’t wait for a balloon and won’t sit still for a show or focus on a workshop. What then? Games! We make some big balloon toys at our studio and show up ready for action. How long can you keep a ring of balloons spinning in the air? How many kids can squeeze inside that ring without breaking it? Can you keep a topiary ball of balloons in the air and never let it touch the ground? We bring the balloons and lead the games while you greet the adults and get ready for whatever happens next.


Dance Floor Experience

Most people would rather dance or visit with their friends than stand around waiting for something. How can you spend your time doing the things you’d like to do instead of just wishing you were doing them? Use our Dance Floor Experience package.

Balloon experience hat and other balloon creations

From big bobbly hats to crazy bouncy tails, there’s something to satisfy every taste. If there’s dancing, try our balloon limbo stick. Sometimes you just need an ice-breaker and our balloons will do the trick. You have to smile and relax when everybody’s wearing a balloon. Finally, your Dance Floor Experience Party comes with a balloon photo frame. Pass it around for everyone to take perfect selfies. Get Moving! Call or email us today.

Let us bring the fun to your next birthday party! Contact us at (703) 323-7399 to speak with our balloon artists today.