Balloons are what great balloon artists practically do in their sleep. Our artists are no exception. Marsha and TJ can take your requests & create balloon sculptures on the spot. When it’s important to serve a lot of people quickly, Marsha can whip out those old fashioned doggies and other quick critters. After all, those iconic balloon animals are what made people fall in love with balloons so long ago.

In addition, if there’s a bit more time she and TJ can make crazy customized animals while you wait. Sometimes they’ll even accept a challenge and try to design something they’ve never been asked for before. Almost every event has at least one child who has an unusual request. There was the two-year-old who asked Marsha for a ceiling fan. Another time an older child asked TJ for a sloth. In fact, one year their region was expecting the return of the 17 year cicada so they came up with a cicada design though they have since retired that one.

With an advance order she can create a custom frame for your guests to have fun taking memory photos. These frames make your party look Great!

3 people pose inside a frame made of a variety of balloons at the Fairfax Fall Festival 2016.
Here’s a frame for guests to take memory photos.

If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic, she and the Air O’ Dynamic gang have been crew members for others building huge projects like the Elastic Park dinosaur seen here:

An acrocanthosaurus made of balloons!


Perhaps you prefer something more whimsical than dinosaurs. Ok, how about this 5 story tall Jack and the Beanstalk?

What's at the top?
What’s at the top?
Balloon Manor 2014 #balloonmanor2014
Fee Fi Fo Fum!