Balloon Manor 2014: The Very Tall Tale of Jack & His Beanstalk

People often ask us, “What’s the biggest thing you can make?” Truthfully, it depends on your budget and how much time is allotted. Bigger isn’t always better, but if it’s what’s most important to you, we can do it. Check out this 5 story tall Jack & the Beanstalk we built with and 100 balloon artists from around the world.

When we come to your event we can make smaller balloon art so as many guests as possible have something to take home with them, or we can make something really large that will amaze them. Larger pieces give you and your guests an opportunity to take photos and memories that will last much longer than the balloon creations themselves. Talk with us! Let us know how you envision your party and we can help you make the right decision about what kind of balloon art will provide the biggest impact.

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