2015: Celebrate!

We’re at the beginning of a new calendar year. What are you doing to celebrate? One decision I made was not to write any resolutions this year. I decided to set goals instead. People generally don’t expect to keep their resolutions. They expect to break them. Goals are different. They’re something to continue working toward, even when there are temporary setbacks.

My goal is to get out there more and provide great service, amazing balloon art, laughter and fun to as many people as possible. In order to do that, I could use your help. What would be the perfect party experience for you? What kind of balloons and entertainment would amaze you? Please leave a comment so I know how to serve you better.

Here are some balloons TJ and I made for a 30 year old’s surprise birthday party.

Balloons are fun for adults, not just for kids.
Balloons are fun for adults, not just for kids.

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