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What's a Lever for?

What’s a Lever for?

Air O’Dynamic Art Presents “How To Catch A Mouse”

Whether you need an assembly program that’s both fun and educational, or a fundraiser the students and their families will enjoy, “How to Catch a Mouse” will tickle their funny bones while sneaking in some science. They might even want to learn more!

We've caught the mouse.

We’ve caught the mouse.

What’s So Amazing About This Show? Marsha takes common whimsical balloons and combines them in imaginative ways to demonstrate both simple and complex machines. She gets the kids involved and channels their energy by having them help demonstrate the different machines. You might be wondering why this is the show for your school. You want your event to be a success, and you get the most when you hire the right performer. We’re so sure you’ll like this show that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

About The Show: How To Catch A Mouse is a squeaky clean educational show that addresses science standards of learning. Marsha and members of the audience use simple machines such as levers, wheels, fulcrums, and pulleys to design a complex machine to catch a mouse. Once the machine is constructed Marsha and the students activate it to catch a mouse. Marsha encourages students to observe machines they see in daily life and to notice what problems they are designed to solve.

How To Schedule A Performance: Schools and libraries in Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland can enjoy and learn from How To Catch A Mouse. To be sure you get the date you want, call now 703-323-7399 or email Marsha at

How Can Our School Afford Your Program In Today’s Tight Economy? If you value your children’s education, how can you afford not to? The show uses visual, auditory, and kinesthetic approaches to learning so more of your students get something out of it. Their excitement about the unusual medium of balloons to teach a lesson helps them remember what they learned.