Entertainment for both kids older guests helps make parties fun and relaxing. Entertainment can also help people remember content when they’re trying to learn something new. In short, it’s a way to help people pay attention and enjoy themselves. Once they’re enjoying themselves, you will enjoy yourself too!.

Marsha Gallagher entertains and instructs as she performs How to Catch a Mouse: Simple Machines at Work at an Odyssey of the Mind awards assembly.

Here’s a lighthearted pulley system.

When it’s time for your guests to leave do you want them talking about what a great time they had and looking forward to your next invitation? Keep reading!

Are you expecting will be lots of activity? If you have a room full of kids, there’s usually a high energy level. Sometimes a few of them, especially the younger ones, have short attention spans. In that case you may prefer our short Balloon Comedy and Magic Show with audience participation. We won’t saw anybody in half. We won’t make your kids disappear either. You might find yourself wondering where the next balloon will magically come from or how we got the kids to laugh so hard. Who knows? You may even find yourself being part of the action.

Balloon entertainer raises her arms in celebration as her volunteers help her create a giant mousetrap built only out of balloons.

We caught the mouse!

We have shows for schools and libraries too. For your school age group How To Catch A Mouse is the perfect way to involve the kids in learning & having fun at the same time. They learn about levers, pulleys, and incline planes while helping create a huge Rube Goldberg style mousetrap. This show was written by Larry Moss after he had taught fourth grade for several years & is right on target for your school or summer camp groups.

Sometimes balloon entertainment needs to be just for fun. People who allow themselves and their kids to “waste some time” not being productive actually encourage a different kind of thinking. Relaxing and unwinding allow creativity and imagination to grow. We can come and do a show with absolutely no lesson, no educational component at all. Sometimes we create the show as we go along, just like actors do in improvisational theater. The audience is invited to throw out ideas and see what we can come up with. You never know what kids’ll come up with to challenge us, but you can be sure it’s fun. If nothing else, you get to see us try to squirm our way through! We like to think of these shows as opportunities for budding inventors and artists to develop their skills.

Which one of our balloon shows is right for you? Since you want your guests to be the stars of the show, go ahead schedule your appointment now. We can bring in the balloon masks & costumes to dress your guests. Then they perform classics stories like The Three Little Pigs. You’ll see what hams they are!