Birthday Parties

Balloon Twisting Mania

TJ Inflates a Balloon the Old Way

TJ Inflates a Balloon the Old Way

Marsha works hard at everything she does.

Marsha’s works hard at everything she does for you.







When you have a lot of things happening at once, you might like our basic package. This party features Marsha or TJ amazing and amusing your guests with colorful balloon creations. Sometimes for those huge groups you might even have both us. If you want to include a show, scroll down and check out our other options.emmaroseprincess

TJ’s Twisting & Marsha’s Face Painting

Next is our balloons & face painting package. This party features TJ twisting balloons and amusing your guests with jokes and general silliness while Marsha at the same time paints arms, hands, or faces with whimsical fun designs. As in our basic package. We focus on making each guest individually feel special rather than entertaining them as a group.

Birthday Party Kids Gone Wild!

Birthday Party Kids Gone Wild!

The Big Fun Balloon Show Starring Marsha G or TJ and Featuring [Insert Your Child’s Name Here]

Last, and our personal favorite, is our premium entertainment package. Why do we like it? The main reason we like it is because it brings the kids together for a shared experience. They have a chance to participate in the show while the birthday child gets to be the star along with me. Of course, very young children or those who are a bit shy may feel uncomfortable being up in front of everybody. If that’s the case, we understand and never force them. We look for someone who obviously wants to participate (since they often need to be kept busy anyway). While they’re all occupied you have time to get the cake ready, or the pizza.

balloon spaceship with child inside

Always Wanted To Travel In Space

Perhaps you’re wondering what the show is about. No, we don’t do any scary tricks like sawing someone in half or pretending to chop off their arm. Since kids love to be up and moving, we invite them to come up and wear balloon costumes while they act out old favorites like The 3 Little Pigs or Old McDonald. Because nobody likes to be left out, those who aren’t up front have jobs to do, too. In the case of The 3 Little Pigs, they may be asked help the wolf blow the house down, or to join with the pigs in saying, “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.”

Once the show is over we’ll give you a sign that goes something like this: “Mom, what do we do next?” The show usually lasts about 30 minutes. After that, we can help you move the kids in the direction of the next activity before we leave. If cake is next, of course we’ll stay and sing, pose for photos if you like. We don’t need any cake because if we were to eat some of every cake we see, we wouldn’t fit into our clothes!

Are you wondering if the kids get balloons? Of course! We bring a collection of smaller twisted animals. You can give them out as party favors when the kids leave.