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Award Winning Balloon Artist Marsha Gallagher

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Since you want your event to be top notch, you want someone with talent, experience, creativity, a sense of fun. Most of all you want someone who will help your guests really enjoy themselves. We’re the team for you!

Marsha G
Marsha learned to make balloon animals in a class “way back when….” Back then she used one balloon per creation. Twist, twist, twist and voila! It’s a dog! Since then things have changed. Because she likes to know the best techniques, she has worked with teams that built huge creations using thousands of balloons. As a result, she can now design and create life-size animals. Check out this rhinoceros!

Caucasian woman stands beside a life size rhinoceros created from gray latex balloons. An arch built of balloons displays a giraffe and a tree. Green balloon foliage covers the floor. Qualatex balloons were used to create this scene.

A Life Size Balloon Rhinoceros

In addition to participating in large scale projects, Marsha regularly goes to continuing education events. Because she loves her work, she continues to entertain both children and adults. One result of her formal education (Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work), experience as a counselor and Licensed Clinical Social Worker has given her understanding of people of all ages and the ability to bring them joy.

TJ Michael Brings the Fun!

Because he spent over 30 years watching Marsha have all the balloon fun, TJ Michael (her husband) finally decided to join the party. Marsha taught him the basics, then took him to Twist & Shout Balloon Convention where he learned from some of the best twisters the world has to offer. Finally he let Marsha talk him into joining her as a participant in a large team event. Consequently, people sometimes remark that he’s just as good as she is, maybe even better. Of course he is! She taught him well. TJ doesn’t know how his formal education, a Masters in Biomedical Informatics, influences his balloons. That doesn’t stop him from creating balloon creatures that kids and adults love.


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